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Apply to Cashier

Before applying please read our requirements.

 - Staff must be available for all major holidays (July 4th, memorial day, labor day, canoe carnival etc). If you know now that you will not be available for one or more, please note that in the application below 

- Staff must commit to the whole season March - Nov 10th.  

- Staff must be able to work after school at least 1-2 days during springs opening season (March - June) and again in the fall (Sept - Oct).  Staff must be able to come in at 3pm on school days.

- PLEASE NOTE: If you have sports everyday after school, or are a senior leaving for school, these requirements may not work for you.

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Aplly for Shift Manager

 We are looking for a SM that is local and ready to take on a fun job that inludes working/ traning staff, creating a schedule, placing orders and helping the shop run smoothly.

The perfefct canidate is a local college student or adult looking for a fun side job.  The schedule can be created around another job 

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